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Why the Rencontres Wikimédia?

Let everyone knows better about the Wikimedia Projects

Wikimedia France's core mission is to support french-speaking Wikimedia projects. Among them, the free collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia, of course, but also the free library Wikisource, and the free media library Wikimedia Commons - and many others. The most obvious way of supporting these projects is to expose them to a wide audience: to explain their mission, to detail how they work. This is the first goal of the Rencontres Wikimédia.

Develop new cultural partnerships

The second way of supporting Wikimedia project is to propose free content to the projects' communities. Wikimedia France does not edit the projects but help people and institutions to provide content to the contributors. During these Rencontres, we want to expose ongoing worldwide partnerships (why they were possible, how they were built) in the hope that institutions will be interested in contributing to this movement by working on new agreements with Wikimedia France.

Open up a dialog on digital culture among various actors

Wikimedia projects are central in these Rencontres, but we want to open the dialog about digital collaborative culture to anyone sharing the view that "digital" and "culture" will entangle more and more in the future. Our program reflects this spirit of openness and mutual learning.

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